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Shoes for Skateboard

Skateboard Shoes by Aeon Footwear - Collection 2004

Aeon Footwear - the shoe company dedicated to skateboarding

Skateboard shoes designed by Aeon Footwear deliver to skateboarders the functions they expect. The creation of skateboard shoes that match to every skateboarder expectations is the motivation of Aeon Footwear research and development.

Aeon Footwear uses different technologies to give athletic properties to each of its models such us: cushioning, flex, ground contact, lightness protection, or custom fit.

Aeon Footwear Features:

+ AE-GEL System: A Sorbothane ® pad is located into the underside of the shoe footbed. It provides cushioning and helps protection of skateboarder feet from heel bruises.
+ REGULATE System: By pressing on the pump several times, air is injected into the inflatable tongue. This results in a customized and more secure fit.
+ 400 NBS Rubber: NBS is the rubber density and abrasion resistance rating. 400 NBS is the highest grade that allows the shoe to be flexible, grippy, and avoid cracking.
+ S3TCHING: The toe area is reinforced with a triple stitching process, improving its durability.
+ ANTI ABRASION Underlayer: Located on the ollie area, the rubber underlay beneath the outer layer of the shoe provides a supplementary protection for enhanced durability. This feature is available on all models.
+ CENTERING Straps: The elastic tongue straps help keeping the tongue positioned to hold the foot stable. They also add protection and board control.
+ DUALACING System: This feature allows skateboarder to put its shoe laces in various pattern, for grater lace protection.
+ ULTRALIGHT EVA: The models developed with this feature include a full length EVA midsole. EVA is a type of foam that provides the best weight/cushioning ratio, adding shoe lightness and cushioning.
+ HEEL Shield: Stability is conditioned by heel stability. This feature improves it and protects skateboarder foot from heel injuries, shocks and sprained ankles.

Aeon shoe lasts:

+ AE#01 is the largest last of the Aeon range; it provides the best on board stability.
+ AE#02 - a thin last with a sharp toe area; it gives a better precision for feet placement on the board and makes the skateboarder’s kickflip kicked.
+ AE#03 is an athletic last balanced on the forefoot area to create a good reactivity.
+ AE#04 - a very thin last with a round toe area; more control, more precision.