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Converse®, America's Original Sports Company

Imax Sport presents: Converse®, America's Original Sports Company

More than shoes, Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators tied together by the love of sport. Established by Marquis M. Converse in 1908, Converse is an American athletic shoe brand with nearly a century of authentic sports history and footwear innovation under its laces.

Through its innovations, leadership and contributions to the evolution and popularity of basketball, tennis, turf and track, Converse has forever fused itself with the heritage and soul of American sports. An industry standard for generations, Converse is "America's Original Sports Company.” Its rich heritage includes the shoe that revolutionized the game of basketball and would later become a favorite worldwide, the Chuck Taylor® All Star® – a true America icon.

The Converse collection, built upon its American sports heritage, includes sports performance, sports classics and sports lifestyle athletic footwear for men, women and children, as well as athletic-inspired apparel.

Converse Sports Performance – Basketball Classics & Performance Basketball
The foundation of Converse’s sports performance offering is Converse basketball. With respect for our past, the Converse basketball collection features some of the most popular and storied basketball shoes of all time, as well as a new class of sports performance shoes, each originating from the DNA of the Converse All Star, the world’s first performance basketball shoe. Introduced in 1917, the All Star soon led to the creation of the Chuck Taylor All Star, a shoe that became the staple of basketball players worldwide for more than 50 years, and a popular American icon.
For most of the 20th century, Converse was the only legitimate shoe on the court. Its new footwear concepts and designs in the game’s early days helped usher in a new style of play that favored speed, agility, creativity and self-expression. Since then, the Converse basketball legacy has flourished. For more than 80 years, Converse has introduced to generations a legacy of innovative performance footwear for basketball.

Converse’s Basketball Classics represent the natural progression of the Converse legacy. Derived from its All Star roots and presented in their original forms, these are the shoes that represented the highest level of performance of their eras. The backbone of pro, collegiate and high school champions for decades, these are the shoes that were worn by some of the greatest players of all time. Converse’s basketball classics footwear roster includes the Pro Star, the shoe of choice for many NBA greats throughout the 1970s, the Pro Leather, given instant cachet in 1976 by the graceful high-flying Julius Erving, better known as “Dr. J,” and the Weapon™, the star of the greatest games of the 1980s. Converse Performance Classics and the legends who wore them came before “old school.” They represent The First School™, the sovereign territory of Converse.

The new class of Converse Performance Basketball shoes is designed for play indoors and outdoors, with an emphasis on comfort, protection and style. Marked by the same simple and honest attributes of its predecessors, Converse’s new generation of basketball shoes feature progressive technology, functional design and inventive styling that allows athletes to perform at their peak potential and express themselves beyond their skills.

Converse Sports Classics – Many popular American sports – basketball, turf, tennis, track and others – owe a bit of their heritage to the innovative athletic footwear introduced by Converse throughout the 20th century. The Converse brand, woven into the fabric of America’s sports history, has transcended sports to become a global youth symbol of originality and individuality. Converse Sports Classics are the original shoes as they were when they saw records fall and legends born.

Chuck Taylor® All Star® (a.k.a. “Chucks,” “Cons,” “Connies”) – The athletic shoe of the 20th century that started it all. The original 1923 canvas and rubber classic Chuck Taylor All Star is an American icon with more than 750 million pairs sold in 144 countries.

Converse Re-Issue™ – Mined from the company’s archives, Converse Re-Issue shoes are authentic presentations of classic athletic performance shoes that for today’s consumers recall the purity of American sports from a century past. Converse Re-Issue represents innovative shoes worn by our venerated heroes who changed sports history, as well as an original collection fortified with attitude and urban appeal.

Converse Sports Lifestyle – Designed for all-around wear for the school, the street and the club, Converse Sports Lifestyle footwear incorporates varied athletic looks, including skate-influenced suedes for the suburban teen and rich, white leathers for the urban style leaders, resulting in a progressive array of footwear for teens and young adults. Inherently connected to the history and heritage of Converse, the Converse Sports Lifestyle collection is designed for life beyond the courts and playing fields.